Bosnian pyramids bring thousands of visitors to Visoko every year

NEWS 15.04.2019 16:39
Source: N1

A discovery that divided the scientific community back in 2005 today brings thousands of visitors a year to the small central town of Visoko and the sightseeing that was named the Bosnian pyramids.

When Semir Osmanagic, a Bosnia-born archaeologist living in the United States, said in 2005 that the cluster of hills surrounding the town of Visoko are actually man-made pyramids, many thought it was nothing but a publicity stunt.

His claims were refuted by some scientists but he continued promoting the site as a tourist attraction.

Fourteen years later, the theory that was initially supported by a few enthusiasts has turned into a sensation visited annually by thousands not only tourists but archaeologists and geologists from all parts of the world.

“I came here nine years ago as a geology student and I never left. When I arrived there was nothing here but a couple of benches, and look at it now, it is a huge complex with thousands of people. It all is proof that something really does exist here,” said Richard, a geologist from England.

Source : N1

The Bosnian pyramid complex consists of several pyramid-shaped hills with the two largest ones that Osmanagic named the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. Other three were named as the pyramids of love, earth and dragon.

Entrance to the complex leads to an underground tunnel maze allegedly dating back to ancient history.

Walking the tunnels is safe but taking a guide to explore them is mandatory.

“We are walking the halls old thousands of years, which were covered by pebbled materials when we discovered them,” said Ajdin Ahmetspahic, a guide in the pyramid complex.

“However, when we had entered it we found dozens of side tunnels and passages so we realised it was not only one tunnel but a complex of passages, spaces, rooms and we decided to clear those tunnels that would take us towards the southeast,” he said.

A tunnel heading to the southeast goes towards the Pyramid of the Sun. The long corridor is almost completely passable with only two kilometres left to the entrance to the ancient site. The Pyramid of the Sun.

Source : N1

“Once we enter the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun we will be the first persons in there after thousands and thousands of years, and we will see the original surrounding of one such ancient structure that the Pyramid of the Sun is,” said Ahmetspahic.

According to him, unlike other ancient pyramids that were used as tombs, Bosnian pyramids contain evidence of old civilisations that once had existed here.