State Presidency approves protest note for Croatia over alleged spy affair

NEWS 17.04.2019 19:49
Source: Predsjednistvo BiH

Bosnia’s state Presidency tasked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to send a protest note to the Republic of Croatia in relation to alleged attempts of the neighbouring country’s intelligence agency to recruit Bosnian nationals to spy for them, the collective head of state decided on Wednesday.

One of three Presidency members, Zeljko Komsic, called earlier on Bosnian judicial and security agencies to protect the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina who got exposed to intelligence services of other countries, the Presidency said.

Information on alleged spy affairs got public after the testimonies of few Bosnian nationals who claimed they were approached by Croatian intelligence officers offering them to spy for those agencies.

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The first media outlet to make the story public last month was investigative news portal, carrying the story on alleged plots and testimonies of involved Bosnian citizens.