RS Interior Ministry pulls controversial amendments on photographing police

NEWS 24.04.2019 13:15
Source: N1

The Republika Srpska (RS) Interior Ministry will pull the controversial amendments to the RS law on public order concerning the ban on photographing the police, Minister Dragan Lukac said during the Wednesday RS parliament session.

The Government of Republika Srpska, Bosnia’s Serb-majority part and one of the two semi-autonomous entities within the country, has on March 28 approved the draft and has sent it to the RS National Assembly for adoption.


The press, NGO's and opposition delegates found the amendment treating the photography of on-duty police officers as “unauthorised photographing or obstructing the work of on police officers.”

The EU Delegation and Office of the Special Representative to Bosnia also voiced their concerns regarding the draft law on public order and peace in Bosnia, saying its adoption would threaten fundamental freedoms in the RS, especially the right to expression and assembly.

Addressing the delegates, Lukac said that RS Interior Ministry never wanted to prevent anyone from doing their job, especially the journalists.