Entity parliament Speaker: Republika Srpska will continue celebrating January 9

NEWS 25.04.2019 12:11
Source: N1

Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity - Republika Srpska (RS) will pass the necessary amendments making it possible to celebrate the disputed Day of RS on January 9, in the future, the RS National Assembly Nedeljko Cubrilovic said on Thursday.

On April 19, the RS parliament received the Constitutional Court’s decision saying that January 9, as the Day of RS was unconstitutional, Cubrilovic said.

The decision was prompted by the request of a group of Croat and Bosniak delegates in the RS parliament who asked the Court to see whether the law on the Day of RS was constitutional.

Bosnian Serbs celebrate January 9 because on that day in 1992 they declared the breakaway Serb state as founded.

The so-called Serb Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina took over half of Bosnia’s territory. The breakaway state was later renamed Republika Srpska and is according to the current Bosnian Constitution an integral part of the country.

In 2015, the Constitutional Court banned the celebration of the Day of RS on January 9, as this date falls on an Orthodox religious feast and, the court decided, it is discriminatory against the non-Serbs, mostly the Muslim Bosniaks and the Catholic Croats.

After the RS amended the law on the Day of RS just so they could celebrate it in 2019, the non-Serb delegates appealed once more, and the Court reacted in the same way as it did in 2015.

Cubrilovic argued that the Court only considered the appeal of one party – the group of delegates who appealed and not the RS Council of Peoples, thus threatening the credibility of the Court.

No one can change history and facts, he said. It is clear that the RS was established on January 9, 1992, by the will of the Serb people and its elected officials, before the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia, Cubrilovic told Glas Srpske daily.

He noted that the Constitutional Court can continue making political decisions, but that RS will prepare new amendments to the law every time, which will be in accordance with the Constitution.