US Embassy: CIA Deputy Director's visit focused on strong partnership

NEWS 27.04.2019 18:04
Source: Fena

The US Embassy in Bosnia on Saturday welcomed CIA Deputy Director Vaughn Bishop’s visit to Bosnia, saying it focused on “the strong partnership” between the two countries and the US’ support for Bosnia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“Strong, capable, and appropriately resourced institutions at all levels of government, including the Border Police, Foreigners Affairs Service, and SIPA (State police) are necessary to keep Bosnia’s citizens safe and secure,” the US Embassy tweeted.


Good cooperation among those agencies is essential to Bosnia’s success in addressing “global, regional, and national threats,” it tweeted.

“The United States’ is committed to deepening our security cooperation, both bilaterally as well as through NATO, to ensure safety for all citizens of both our countries,” it added.

Bishop met with the heads of all security agencies in the country on Friday.