Berlin summit: Macron, Merkel say Kosovo dialogue should continue

NEWS 29.04.2019 18:14

We will discuss the Serbia-Kosovo case with a view to continuing negotiations and we have no intention of imposing a solution, French President Emmanuel Macron said prior to the start of the Western Balkans summit in Berlin.

Speaking at a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Macron said the responsibility lies with everyone, adding that everyone has to invest effort to continue the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue. He said efforts also have to be invested to secure the stability of the region.

“The most important thing is to have political stability in the region which, for France, means a new policy of engagement. We have withdrawn slightly from the region since 2000 and today we want to work together,” Macron said.

“We wanted to try to bring together leaders in an informal framework and openly discuss the stability of the region because we consider it a European issue and we have seen in the past few months that progress is possible,” said citing the Prespa agreement which resolve the name dispute between Greece and North Macedonia.

According to the French president, stability depends on a regional agenda and more cooperation between the countries of the Balkans. He warned that tensions exist which help no one.

Merkel told the news conference that Germany and France carry joint responsibility, adding that it is in their interest to see developments in the Western Balkans moving in a positive direction. She said that brave steps had been taken in North Macedonia to resolve the conflict.

“We will discuss Serbia and Kosovo and ways to improve trends because this problem is not resolved. The region can only develop together and we should see how the bilateral talks can be continued,” she said.