'Bosnian nationalist parties thinking how to deceive international community'

NEWS 08.05.2019 09:53
Source: N1 BiH

Bosnian Serb leader and Presidency Chairman Milorad Dodik's problem is that he promised the Americans and Russians that he would quickly solve the MAP activation, but we have not even formed the government, yet, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) deputy leader Vojin Mijatovic told N1.

“The biggest problem for the nationalist parties in Bosnia is the Membership Action Plan (MAP) for NATO because they promised they would solve this quickly. Milorad Dodik has a huge problem because he promised it to the Americans and Russians, but we still don't have an agreement on this,” Mijatovic said.

He argues that these parties are now thinking of ways how to deceive the international community, adding that the State-level government will not be formed any time soon.

When it comes to Bosnia’s NATO membership, its three largest ethnic groups stand divided on the issue. Bosnian Croats and Bosniaks support the country’s accession, while Bosnian Serbs are strictly against it, saying they will follow Serbia’s lead on this.

The Serb-dominated Republika Srpska (RS) entity's National Assembly even adopted a Declaration in 2017 stipulating the entity will remain militarily neutral and that they will not join any military alliance.

Mijatovic mentioned the fact that State MPs are not coming to work, and yet they regularly receive their salaries.

“This is horrible. Our people have voted for these delegates who received 30,000 marks (some €15,000) so far, without attending a single parliament session. I also condemn the SDP's delegates, when I say this,” Mijatovic noted, adding that one can ask “do we even need the governments and parliaments? The same people speaking against this kind of behaviour are voting for these politicians every four years.”