Fajon: Bosnia will always have a special place in my heart

NEWS 08.05.2019 14:35
Source: N1

I love Sarajevo very much, and Bosnia and Herzegovina has always had a special place in my heart, Slovenian EMP Tanja Fajon wrote amid the solemn session of Canton Sarajevo's Assembly on Wednesday, when she would be given the honorary citizenship of the Canton.

“The news was a pleasant surprise and touching at the same time. Many of you probably know that Sarajevo was always my great love. I'm very fond of the entire region, but Bosnia has always had a special place in my heart,” Fajon wrote on her Facebook account.

However, he regrets that she is unable to attend Wednesday's ceremony in Sarajevo because of the Euro-election campaign
“Let me point out how much I appreciate and how much I admire the Sarajevans. Despite the recent terrible moments you survived, and you are still able to show the incredible amount of spirituality, hope, optimism and life energy. I promise that I will carefully keep the title and that I will try to represent it as best as possible. I will continue to spread the positive image about Sarajevo and your country In every way, and advocate for its faster progress in the future as well, “Fajon wrote.

In March, Sarajevo Canton's Assembly unanimously declared Tanja Fajon as Canton Sarajevo's honorary citizen.

The Assembly said the decision came out of the wish to thank Fajon for her merit and spreading of truth about the events in Bosnia as well as developing international relations based on solidarity, democracy and tolerance between peoples, nations, faiths and cultures.