US condemns presence of convicted war criminal on Victory Day march in Serbia

NEWS 10.05.2019 15:17
Source: N1

The US ambassador to Serbia Kyle Scott said it “was a shame that a convicted war criminal walked in front of those who wanted to honour the allies who died fighting for justice and peace in Europe. European Day = European values.”

In his tweet in Serbian, Scott on Friday published a photo of Vucic’s chief-of-staff Nikola Selakovic holding the coat to General Vladimir Lazarevic, a convicted war criminal, during the so-called ‘Immortal Regiment’ march on Thursday.

Lazerevic was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment, after being found guilty of command responsibility for war crimes against local  Albanians during the 1998-1999 armed conflict in Kosovo, the then Serbia’s province. 

He was and released in 2015 after serving the two-thirds of the sentence.