Foreign Affairs Minister urges Parliament to put together delegation for CoE

Source: N1

Bosnia’s Foreign Affairs Minister asked on Friday the Parliament to set aside their “daily political bickering” and to put together a delegation to represent the country at the upcoming Council of Europe (CoE) session.

The request came after the CoE Committee of Ministers adopted a decision allowing Bosnia to take part in the work of the CoE's Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) this year.


However, the country has no delegation because the government that is supposed to put it together has not been formed after the October 2018 elections.

“I cannot do anything more than again call upon the leadership of the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina and political parties which have members in the leadership to put their post-election daily political bickering aside at least for one day so that an agreement is reached and we get a delegation and participate at the session next month,” Minister Igor Crnadak told reporters in Banja Luka.

He especially called on Serb representatives in the Parliament’s leadership, Nebojsa Radmanovic and Nikola Spiric, to advocate for electing Bosnia’s delegation.

He argued that it was important for Bosnia to participate at the Council of Europe session as it will be the first one where the new CoE Secretary-General and judges of the European Court of Human Rights are elected in a decade.

The session will also mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the CoE, he added.

Bosnia was suspended from the work of the Council of Europe (CoE) in April and lost the right to participate in the CoE's discussions because the country missed the deadline for selecting its 10-member delegation.

Crnadak said that it was important for Bosnia to make use of the chance the CoE Committee of Ministers gave the country so that it can “fix its great mistake, and not embarrass itself even more.”