Former judge: Alleged corruption video has grounds for suspicion

NEWS 24.05.2019 19:49
Source: N1

Sarajevo-based attorney and former judge Vlado Adamovic said the video allegedly showing a Bosnian businessman paying for the services of Bosnian top judicial official Milan Tegeltija's intervention into his case before the Court, does point to a possible corruption case, but the Court must determine whether Tegeltija was involved.

“I would admit the video as evidence but only as grounds for suspicion. These grounds can result in responsibility, but not necessarily. There are grounds for suspicion for at least two individuals from the video – the person giving the bribe and the person receiving it, who are both committing a crime,” Adamovic said adding that the video shows someone saying they would take the money on behalf of the President of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council – the institution which appoints Bosnia's judges and prosecutors and has the power to discipline them.

“If these allegations are confirmed, then there must be a third party involved. However, if they are not confirmed, then the case must be concluded on the persons who committed the allegations, and the Court must seriously warn the judges and prosecutors of the risks they are exposed to through various friendships,” Adamovic emphasised.

The former judge added that the case must be approached with a cool head in order to determine the facts.

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“Facts will tell what this is about. They must be reached through a serious investigation leaving ‘no stone unturned,’ because the case deals with someone who happens to the President of the HJPC,” Adamovic told N1.

Bosnian investigative news portal Zurnal published a text on Tuesday, saying they have a video allegedly showing Nermin Alesevic, a businessman from Bosnia's northern town of Velika Kladusa, giving some €1,000 to an officer called Marko Pandza, from the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) – Bosnia's special police.

Zurnal wrote that Pandza was allegedly supposed to give the money to Milan Tegeltija, the head of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council which appoints judges and prosecutors and disciplines them, who would then look into Alesevic's case.

Tegeltija denied the allegations as false and malicious, announcing a lawsuit against the portal for slander.