Fathers of two murdered young men support minister's call for protest

NEWS 26.05.2019 16:19
Source: N1

Muriz Memic and Davor Dragicevic, two men seeking justice for their sons who died in tragic events which haven’t been solved to date, said they supported Bosnian Security Minister Dragan Mektic and his call for peaceful protest in front of the state judicial institutions.

“I support the idea and ‘Justice for David’ group will come from Banja Luka for the protest, we will demand the immediate resignation of HJPC (High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council) Chairman Milan Tegeltija,” Dragicevic told N1.

He said the murder of his son and Muriz Memic’s son will not be solved “as long as they are at the helm of the HJPC.”

Muriz Memic will join the protest taking place at the said location on Wednesday at 12 o’clock, he confirmed for N1.

Following corruption allegations which allegedly involved Tegeltija, Minister Mektic called citizens for a mass gathering and exerting pressure towards resignation in Bosnia’s top judicial institution, a council overseeing the work of the judiciary and in charge of the appointment of judges and prosecutors.

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“In order to save the state and ourselves, it is necessary to topple this criminal HJPC. I propose a mass gathering of the citizens next week in front of the Prosecutor's Office and the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina (which is the seat of the HJPC) as a democratic sort of pressure towards resignations. I will be at the helm of that movement,” Mektic tweeted.

The call triggered Tegeltija to seek the police protection, saying that this was a “direct threat” for HJPC Chairman, Deputy Chairman and all of the council’s members.