Disciplinary Counsel files disciplinary complaint against HJPC President

NEWS 31.05.2019 21:47
Source: N1

Bosnia's Disciplinary Counsel's Office filed on Friday a disciplinary complaint against Milan Tegeltija, President of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council, a special body overseeing the work of the judiciary, over alleged involvement in a corruption affair.

Tegeltija confirmed he was a subject to disciplinary complaint, saying that he was not familiar with the reason why it was filed.

He was informed about it in a text message, he said.

“I wasn't familiarised with the content of the complaint, its reasons or the grounds on which it was filed, because it wasn't delivered to me,” Tegeltija said on Friday.

He also said he did not have an opportunity to declare on the allegations from the complaint or the procedure that preceded it. As of Friday, he would be on a leave, Tegeltija added.

Last week an investigative media outlet published an article and a secretly recorded video, showing Tegeltija, businessman Nermin Alesevic and state police officer Marko Pandza, who acted as a middleman in that meeting.

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The complaint comes after a local investigative media outlet published articles alleging that the HJPC President took a bribe in return for speeding up a case at a local court.

He denied the wrongdoing and the Council publicly expressed support for him, but prosecutors formed a case to investigate the accusations.

Tegeltija was interrogated on Thursday in the capacity of a witness.