'Bosnia-NATO partnership has no alternative'

NEWS 03.06.2019 14:02
Source: parlament.ba

The partnership between Bosnia and NATO has no alternative, said participants of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) held in Bratislava, which was attended by Nikola Lovrinovic, a delegate in the House of Representatives.

Speaking about the situation in Bosnia, the NATO PA noted that individual disagreements in the country would not turn away Bosnia's allies and friends who want it to remain a safe country with institutions which will remain democratic and credible despite all the challenges, the House of Representatives’ statement said.

It added that the NATO PA called on all Bosnian parties to speed up the internal dialogue aimed at overcoming the current political situation.

According to the House of Representatives, NATO member states were called to help Bosnia with overcoming the internal problems and primarily in forming the government which has been a hot topic since the October general election.

The statement noted the NATO PA concluded that Bosnia is vital for NATO, especially in light of its inclusion in partnership programmes as well as the fight against terrorism.