No disciplinary procedure against Bosnia's top judicial official

NEWS 04.06.2019 13:51
Source: N1

The Disciplinary Commission of the institution overseeing Bosnia’s judiciary dismissed on Tuesday a complaint against the country’s top judicial official, who is at the centre of an alleged corruption affair.

Milan Tegeltija, the head of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC) – the institution overseeing Bosnia’s judiciary – was recently captured in a secretly recorded video that suggests he was promising a client to help with his case while a policeman afterwards asked for money allegedly on his behalf.


Local online magazine Zurnal published the video of a meeting between Tegeltija, state police officer Marko Pandza and businessman Nermin Alesevic. It appears to be showing Alesevic handing the money to Pandza but does not contain footage of Tegeltija taking it over. Tegeltija cannot be heard asking for any money directly. He can only be heard asking for the case number and the name of the prosecutor.

After the video was published, Tegeltija told N1 that the footage actually proves his innocence.

But the Disciplinary Counsel's Office filed on Friday a complaint against him and asked for him to be suspended pending the investigation, alleging that Tegeltija behaved in a way which “represents serious breaching of the official position and puts public trust in the impartiality and credibility of the judiciary into question.”

The Commission said the claims are not valid.

The decision can be appealed within the next eight days.