About 20,000 visit Banja Luka 'Cevap Fest'

Source: Srna

About 20,000 locals and tourists visited this year’s ‘Cevap Fest’ that took place in the northwestern city of Banja Luka last weekend, where they were served about 13,500 cevapcici - one of Bosnia’s most popular foods.

“The interest of our fellow citizens, but also a significant number of tourists who came to Banja Luka the previous weekend for the ‘Cevap Fest,’ shows that the event has already become recognisable and that we should continue down this path,” organisers said.

The numbers confirm that this is a massive gastro festival in the country and that it has the potential to become regionally renown, the City Administration said.

The three-day event was organised by the City Administration and the Tourist Organisation with the goal to popularise Banja Luka’s version of cevapcici.