Seven victims' remains to be exhumed from mass grave on Igman Mountain

Source: INO BiH

Remains of seven victims were discovered so far in a recently found mass grave on Igman Mountain and they will be exhumed on Friday, a spokesperson for Bosnia's Missing Persons Institute (MPI) told Fena news agency.

Reportedly, the remains are those of Bosniak victims from Donji Hadzici settlement near Sarajevo, who had died in an attempt to reach free territory in the beginning of the 1992-95 Bosnian war.

“They were intercepted and killed in an ambush at the Golo Brdo location. Shell casings proving that were found at the site of the crime as well as other pieces of evidence that lead to the conclusion who the victims were. It is believed this was a group of 12 people from Donji Hadzici, but their identity will be determined in a DNA analysis of bone samples, which will be taken after the bodies are transported today to the Visoko Cemetery,” said MPI Spokesperson Emza Fazlic.

The mass grave was discovered on Wednesday after a thorough search carried out within a case at Bosnia's Prosecutor's Office. The search was conducted in a joint operation of the Missing Persons Institute, and the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) is providing technical assistance at the excavation.

Families might get information about the victims’ identities within the next 30-40 days, said Fazlic.

According to her, it is a known fact that there are several mass graves on Igman Mountain and investigators will intensify their work in the following period now that the area has been landmine-free since 2017.