Politician urges state officials to help Bosnia's handball team solve problems

NEWS 10.06.2019 21:19
Source: N1

Vice-President of the Social Democratic Party addressed Bosnia's senior officials, urging them to help the handball national team get out of the financial problems it is faced with.

This is a plea, not criticism, said Vojin Mijatovic, the SDP's high-ranking member.

In an open letter he sent to the members of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency, the Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and prime ministers of Bosnia's two semi-automatic entities, Mijatovic said this was a call for joining together and “start solving the problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina through solving the problems in handball, regardless of who is in power and who is the opposition.”

SDP Vice President said the staff in sports associations is appointed on grounds of their affiliation and not on grounds of their professions and credits in sports. “Let's exempt the sports from that story at least,” he wrote in the letter.

According to the Constitution, officials in the state-level institutions are appointed on

Speaking of the problems that Bosnia's Handball national Team is dealing with, Mijatovic said he could see no reason why the state institutions do not react.

“The head coach, expert panel and players of Bosnia and Herzegovina are true heroes of this country,” he stressed and called on law enforcement agencies to investigate and find out who is responsible for financial problems the handball national team is in.

“I see no reason why the state institutions don't react because the state is not to blame for this situation in handball. The ones to blame are those in charge in the Association, who led to these debts and complete blockage. We must systematically solve the way in which the sports in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially handball, is financed,” wrote the letter.

According to Mijatovic, sports is “an ideal opportunity” to build up a national identity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and have a single flag in every manifestation.