Kosovo FM says Pristina halts communication with UNMIK

NEWS 11.06.2019 19:54
Source: N1

Behgjet Pacolli, Kosovo’s Foreign Minister, said on Tuesday Pristina broke up communication with UNMIK accusing the UN mission to Pristina of violating international law and the UN Charter, the FoNet news agency reported.

The recess will last “until UNMIK clarifies the situation,” Pacolli added.

He reacted to the report of Zahir Tain, the UN Secretary-General Special Envoy to Kosovo and UNMIK chief submitted to UN Security Council on Monday, saying it was “completely unacceptable.”

Pacolli said Kosovo’s authorities acted as a state when the special police unit arrested and beaten two UNMIK staff on May 28 during the operation in the north said to have targeted organised crime and corruption.

Tanin said the authorities did not respect the immunity of the UN staff, and that UNMIK launched an internal investigation into the incident.

“UNMIK members violate international law and the UN Charter. One of them obstructed the police job, while the other was caught stealing. UNMIK should deal with that, not with Kosovo. We broke up any communication with UNMIK and until they make the situation clear we won’t consider them as friends. The image of UNMIK in Kosovo today is regrettable,” Pacolli wrote on his Facebook profile.