Ministers take train ride to govt session, in support of public railway company

Source: Fena

Ministers of the Federation (FBiH) entity set off Thursday morning from Sarajevo's main train station to the southern city of Mostar, where they will attend the 183rd regular session. A symbolical train ride to the south is aimed to express support to the Federation's Railways, the state-owned company.

The ministers said upon their arrival the journey was speedy, safe and comfortable, as well as cost-effective.

Among other issues, the Government of Bosnia's Federation entity will discuss capital transfers for public enterprises aimed to co-finance the construction of railway infrastructure, said the Government's press office.

The Federation's institutions are seated both in Sarajevo and Mostar, while governmental sessions interchangeably take place at both locations. The Federation is one of Bosnia's two semi-autonomous entities, covering 51 percent of the country's territory, while Republika Srpska occupies the rest.

Sarajevo-Mostar train journey was listed last year by the British Guardian among the top 18 world's best rail journeys. “While the road sticks to the valley, the train climbs over the mountains, with viaducts, switchbacks and tunnels,” said the article.