Exhumation of newly discovered mass grave ongoing

NEWS 12.07.2019 12:31
Source: Tužilaštvo BiH

Investigators from the State Prosecutor’s Office are coordinating the exhumation of a new mass grave which was recently found in the northeastern area of Visegrad, which is believed to either contain the victims of the wartime crimes that occurred in that town, or those from the 1995 Srebrenica genocide.

The Institute’s director, Amor Masovic, said that the grave’s location was revealed by a witness.


The area around the mass grave is full of landmines, which makes the terrain inaccessible, he told N1 on Thursday.

“The victims were killed and the area was then mined so that huge stones covered the victims’ bodies. It is necessary to break those stones. We can't speak about the number of victims because the witness didn't want to speak about it either,” said Masovic.