Bosnia's Maj-Gen Masovic talks security risks at intl conference

NEWS 12.07.2019 15:06
Source: N1

The world is facing high-security risks and it is important to take every conflict for serious, Chief of the Joint Staff at Bosnia's Armed Forces Senad Masovic told an international conference that was held this week at UN headquarters in New York.

The conference discussing high-security risks and the ways to deal with them was attended by 109 delegations with over 400 participants from all parts of the world. The focus was put on the improvement of operative activities of the units taking part in the peacekeeping operations in different parts of the world. Also, it was discussed how to generate various capabilities and specialities that are needed for facing increasing security risks.

Major General Masovic said in his speech that the world, like never before, is facing various security risks that are difficult and almost impossible to deal with without joint efforts.

“Besides, it is very important to take every conflict for serious in order to timely avoid the crimes and genocide which leave long-term negative effects not only on economic but also on human development. The world must not allow genocides like those from the 20th century. We must be more responsible towards the humankind and the best way to do that is to prevent or stop the conflicts while they are still at a low intensity, which requires the resoluteness of the entire world community,” said Masovic.

Bosnia's military official met with how Italian counterpart Vecciarelli Enzo on the sidelines of the meeting, to discuss further cooperation of the two countries’ armed forces.

He also met Bosnian ambassador to the UN Sven Alkalaj, whom he informed about the Armed Forces’ activities, especially in terms of the UN-led operations as well as the operations under auspices of the NATO and the European Union.