Incomplete remains of six wartime victims found in newly discovered mass grave

NEWS 17.07.2019 16:52
Source: Institut za nesale osobe

The incomplete remains of six wartime victims were exhumed from a mass grave near the eastern town of Visegrad on Wednesday.

“It is suspected that the remains belong to Bosniak victims from Visegrad,” the Institute for Missing Persons said in a press statement.


“Those are incomplete remains which were, most probably, transported from the primary grave to this location,” it said.

After the mass killings during the war, the perpetrators buried the victims. However, they dug up the bodies and reburied them at other locations in an effort to cover up the crime.

This was mostly done with bulldozers and the machines tore up the bodies while loading them on trucks to be transported to some other location. By the time the remains were reburied into another mass grave – the ‘secondary grave’ – the bodies were a simple mix of people’s bones.

The remains are now being transported to an autopsy and identification centre in the nearby town of Gorazde for DNA analysis.