Professor: Dutch Court's verdict is the first time a country convicted itself

NEWS 19.07.2019 20:38
Source: N1

The Dutch Supreme Court's decision on the countries partial responsibility for the Srebrenica genocide is a unique case because the Netherlands was the first and only country in the world to convict itself for not stopping the death of 350 Bosniaks in July 1995, the long-time associate of the Hague Tribunal and a professor at the Amsterdam University's European Studies, Nevenka Tromp said for N1, on Friday.

“When we look at this verdict now, it has been changed from the original 30 percent to 10 percent. This seems irrelevant and frivolous but the public in the Netherlands wants to reach a just and dignified ending of this. The final verdict is not as dignifying as it was supposed to be,” she said, adding:

“You need to understand that the Netherlands was the only country to find itself guilty for not preventing the death of 350 Bosniaks who were killed by Serb forces, on its national court.”

Tromp noted that this should serve as an example to other countries.

“It's worth noting that the Netherlands will be recorded in history as a country that didn't prevent the genocide and the murder of 350 Bosniaks in July 1995. There's not a single verdict like this one, anywhere in the world,” Tromp told N1.

She also warned that the Netherlands was a scapegoat whose mission did not serve under its flag, but under the UN's.

“Just imagine the repercussions this could have on other countries taking part in UN operations. They could answer for some events which happened under the UN command on some other court,” Tromp pointed out.