GIKIL general manager arrested for suspicious activities

NEWS 24.07.2019 14:29
Source: GIKIL

Authorities arrested general manager and two members of the supervisory board of GIKIL company, a coke producer based in northeastern Bosnia, for alleged illegal activities in that company.

Pramod Mittal and two of his associates, all Indian nationals, were put under arrest, while the offices they used inside the GIKIL facilities were raided by the police.

They are suspected of being involved in organised crime and abuse of position.

According to prosecutors of the Tuzla Canton, where the company is based, some 20 million marks (approx. 10 million Euros) were taken from GIKIL in a suspicious way. The money was ending up in the accounts of GSHL company, owned by the arrested Mittal.

An investigation into the case includes six persons, said the Tuzla Canton Prosecutor's Office, of which four are foreigners and two nationals of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“We believe that 21 million marks were exhausted through so-called managerial contracts in the period from 2006 to 2015, and we think those funds were paid on no grounds,” said Cazim Serhatlic, competent prosecutor.

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GIKIL has a history of violating the environmental laws and bylaws and spilling of toxic material into the Spreca river next to which the plant operates, as well as poisoning the surrounding land and water wells.

This led the authorities to arrest former general manager Debasish Ganguly last year and issue an indictment but only after he left the country.