Body remains of three victims exhumed near Mostar

NEWS 25.07.2019 12:59
Source: Fena

Incomplete remains of at least three persons were exhumed on Wednesday on a site near the southern city of Mostar, according to Bosnia's Missing Persons Institute.

The DNA analysis will show if the found remains belong to the victims of the previous war or if they were older.

“Following the exhumation, the found mortal remains were transported to the City Cemetery ‘Sutina’ in Mostar, where they will undergo an autopsy and DNA analysis in order to determine identity of the persons whose remains were found i.e. to determine if these are the victims of the previous war or some older mortal remains,” said spokesperson Emza Fazlic.

According to the Institute, these might be the Serb victims from the Mostar area.

The exhumation was carried out at the order of Bosnia's State Court, led by the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in presence of experts of the Missing Persons Institute and the International Commission on Missing Persons.