Lorens Listo wins 'Mostar Swallow' diving competition for the 13th time

Source: N1

Neither strong winds nor the rain could stop on Sunday divers from jumping from the Old Bridge, a centuries-old tradition in the southern city of Mostar.

This is the 453 time the event is taking place. The first one was recorded in 1664, but it only became an official competition in 1968 with two categories: jumping feet first and head first – the so-called ‘swallow.’

This year’s event is supported by the Croat member of Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency, Zeljko Komsic, the Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton Tourist Board and others.

Lorens Listo was the winner of the ‘Mostar swallow’ event for the 13th time, which puts him on par with Emir Balic, who is considered a legend among Bosnians.

Listo announcer previously that he will stop at his 13th win and retire from competing.

“I will continue to train young people, but I have deserved to retire. I will commit to raising new ‘Mostar Swallows’ and future champions of diving from the Old Bridge,” Listo said after taking over the trophy from Komsic.

Igor Kazic won the feet-first diving competition.