Bosnian Muslims depart for the Hajj

Source: Anadolija

The first group of 138 Muslims from Sarajevo departed for Saudi Arabia on Monday morning for the Hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage.

FlyBosnia expects 1,680 Bosnians to make the trip in the next four days.

Muzafer Smajovic was one of the first to travel to Madina on Monday, and this is his second time. He said he is traveling to fulfill the religious obligation on behalf of his late mother.

“Who doesn’t experience this, cannot know what it is like. I wish for everybody to go, for their wishes to come true. As with my first time, I am so happy, I feel as if I am levitating. Over there you are neither hungry nor thirsty, despite the high temperatures,” he said.

Munevera Smajovic is making the trip for the third time, also on behalf of her late mother.

The oldest to depart this year from Bosnia is 86-year-old Zaim Celjo, while the youngest is 12-year-old Amar Hadziabdic. He is going with his parents and sister.