Bosnia's first blind sprinter to compete at World Para Athletics Championship

NEWS 29.07.2019 18:00
Source: Atletski klub Novi grad

Bosnia's para-athlete Omar Bojcic and his guide Muhamed Trle will take part in the T11 - totally blind, category 100m sprint race at the Junior World Para Athletics Championship in Switzerland, Nottwil, said the Novi Grad athletic club from Sarajevo, on Monday.

“Our sprinter's performance is scheduled for Friday, and until then we will work on improving his strength and try to adapt as much as possible. We are glad that we managed to get to this championship, for several reasons, and the biggest one is that we are writing the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina's para-athletics, which breaks the stereotype that disabled people do not have a good future,” coach Elmir Cerimagic said adding that this competition, which is also the first time that Bosnia takes part in such an event, will change Omar's life forever.

Bosnia has a large number of persons with disabilities among which are 550 of visually impaired persons.

“Omar Bojcic is evidence that people with disabilities have potential. Thanks to him our flag will be flown in Nottwil, and it will continue to be flown in the future at much larger sports events. Therefore we should not push these persons to the margins, but support them in their potentials and thus grow together as a society,” said the Athletic Club Novi Grad from Sarajevo.

The Junior World Para Athletics Championship in Switzerland will be held from August 1 to 4.