Bosnian para-shooter disqualified because of his 15 year-old pistol

NEWS 31.07.2019 18:20
Source: Facebook

Bosnia's best para-shooter Ervin Bejdic was disqualified from the Osijek 2019 World Shooting Para Sport World Cup, on Wednesday, because of his 15-year-old air pistol.

“I was disqualified during a weapons inspection because the trigger weight on my pistol didn't pass the test due to its age. I was sick to my stomach – after so many years of training… I achieved my personal and state record hitting 560 of a total of 600 bullseyes,” Bejdic said, adding “I was so close to winning one of the top three places and securing my participation in the Olympic games.”

The competition hosted athletes from 48 countries and team Bosnia consisted of teammates from Zenica, Zivinice, Tuzla and Sarajevo.
“I shoot a 10-meter pistol because we don't have weapons for other disciplines,” Bejdic added.

He emphasised that his shooting club has very little support from the authorities.

“My shooting club ‘Novi Grad’ is barely staying active. A pistol with which I train is worth some €3,000 which is nothing compared to the results achieved with it. Our club gets €4,500 from the Sarajevo Canton and that can barely cover our travel expenses,” he noted. “We simply don't have enough support to buy equipment.”

When asked does this mean that Bosnia will not have its representative at the Para-Olympic games, he said he achieved the norm for the Austria World Cup.

“The Austria World Cup is my only chance to reach the Olympic norm. If I don't get a new pistol, I'll have to compete with my old gun which is uncertainty in itself. Air pistols are bought every one or two years. People laugh at my pistol on competitions. Other shooters flock in disbelieve to see what I compete with.” Bejdic concluded.

Bejdic has been a state champion for the past 10, and a cantonal champion for 15 years.