Croatian Ambassador to Bosnia denies Jerusalem Post allegations

NEWS 31.07.2019 19:19
Source: Predsjedništvo BiH

Croatian Ambassador to Bosnia Ivan Sabolic denied, on Wednesday, that his President ever said Bosnia was unstable and under Islamic militant control, while on an official visit to Israel, as was originally said by the Jerusalem Post.

Bosnian tripartite Presidency Chairman Zeljko Komsic summoned the Croatian Ambassador to urgent consultations after the Jerusalem Post published a text describing the meeting between Croatia's Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic and Israeli Reuven Rivlin which said she told her Israeli counterpart that Bosnia was taken over by “people who have connections with Iran and terrorist organizations. The country is now controlled by militant Islam, which is dominant in setting the agenda, she said, adding that some are very violent and break into people’s homes.” the Jerusalem Post wrote on Monday.

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Komsic's advisors noted that all too often, the Croatian President makes a statement which finds its way into the media and then she is forced to deny it – like the time when she said that 10,000 extremists reside in Bosnia.

They also said Grabar-Kitarovic took too much time to deny this statement.

Sabolic, on the other hand, condemned the Bosniak Presidency member's reaction to the alleged statement in which he linked the Croatian President with the Joint Criminal Enterprise rulings by the International Court of Justice.

Ambassador Sabolic was warned of incursions of armed Croatian police officers into the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the northern Bosnian region of Krajina, directly violating Bosnia's territorial integrity and sovereignty.

These incursions are caused by migrants trying to enter Croatia and thus the EU, from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This issue was the topic of many foreign media, reporting of Croatian violations of international law and migrant rights.