Eighteen migrants injured at the border with Croatia

NEWS 07.08.2019 10:09
Source: Ilustracija

Eighteen migrants were injured on Tuesday night near the state border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, Una-Sana Canton's Interior Ministry confirmed for N1.

“I can confirm that an incident has taken place,” Interior Ministry spokesperson Ale Siljdedic told N1, explaining that the Bosnian Border Police intervened and that several people were transported to the hospital.

Velika Kladusa's Hospital confirmed they received 18 injured migrants, six of which were sent to radiology for further examination.

“Radiological exams were performed at around 8 am and we'll know more details after 10 am. When it comes to other 12 migrants, we can confirm they suffered minor injuries,” Evresa Okanovic from the Velika Kladusa said.

Cantonal Health Minister, Nermina Cemalovic's cabinet also confirmed the incident but added that they are awaiting the final report from the Velika Kladusa hospital on the number and extent of injuries.

The circumstances of this event are still unknown.

Bosnia's North-Western Una-Sana Canton has been especially interesting to migrants, entering the country from the direction of Serbia and Montenegro, because it is closest to the border with the EU.

Last year, 25,000 migrants entered the country and competent authorities estimate that there are around 9,000 of them in the country right now.

Migrants started flocking to Bosnia after Bulgaria and Hungary imposed strict border controls and stopped migrants from entering their country, effectively blocking the migrants’ “Balkan route.”

They have no wish of staying in Bosnia or eastern EU member states, though, but want to continue their path to Western EU states like Germany, France and Austria, hoping to find a better life.