Serbia’s FM plans to organise Serbs in US to vote for President Donald Trump

NEWS 06.08.2019 22:09
Source: Tanjug

Ivica Dacic, Serbia’s Foreign Minister, said on Tuesday he planned to motivate the Serbs living in the US to vote for the current President Donald Trump in his attempt to win the second term, the Srna news agency reported.

He recalled that the Albanians did the same gathering the votes from their diaspora. As an example, Dacic mentioned a US Senator Eliot Engel, an Albanian lobbyist, who, according to the Minister, had a safe Albanian voters’ base for years.
According to Dacic, “it is not surprising that he (Engel) wholeheartedly defends the interests of the Albanians.”
“We should do the same. To launch a campaign in which the Serbs will help Trump to see that. That will be of great aid to the state and interests he (Trump) is fighting for,” Dacic said.   “As a Foreign Minister I’ll organise the formalisation of support for Trump at the next elections. The Serbs in America vote for Trump anyway. But if we do it smartly, if we unite those votes, we’ll create a better position with the new administration,” Dacic told “Srpski Telegraf” and added that 650,000 Serbs live in the States.