Delegate: Bosnia will not submit Annual National Programme to NATO

Source: Facebook

Bosnia will not submit its Annual National Programme (ANP) to NATO because the recently signed agreement on the formation of the State-level government never mentions it, said a member of the Bosnian Parliament's Defence and Security Commission, Dusanka Majkic.

“It doesn't say anywhere that the ANP will be submitted, meaning it won't be done,” said Majkic who is a member of the strongest Serb-oriented party – the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) which is strongly opposed to Bosnia's NATO accession.

Leaders of the three strongest and ethnic-oriented, parties in the country, Bosniak Democratic Action Party's (SDA) Bakir Izetbegovic, Serb SNSD's Milorad Dodik, and the Croat Democratic Union's (HDZ BiH) Dragan Covic signed an agreement, on Monday, pledging to implement the October 2018 general election results, along with some other general guidelines regarding reforms and cooperation with NATO.

According to her, integration processes are continuing in accordance with the Constitution and laws, harmonizing the views and interests of all the peoples in Bosnia.

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Majkic added that the ANP was so poorly written that it would have to be rewritten.

“It was written by a group of people who are not even competent to present it before NATO, let alone send the final draft,” Majkic said.

The ANP is a precondition for the activation of Bosnia's Membership Action Plan (MAP) for NATO after the Alliance approved its activation for the country. But, even though Bosnia adopted a number of laws and regulations saying it will fulfill all the preconditions for the MAP, Bosnian Serbs stand against it.