Jahorina Mountain near Sarajevo opens longest alpine coaster in region

Source: Anadolija

The longest alpine coaster in the region opened on Jahorina Mountain near Sarajevo on Thursday, becoming one of the top attractions on this mountain during the summer season.

The starting point of the two and a half long track starts at the Poljice ski slope and follows up to the Ogorjelica peak and artificial lake situated there. The view of the Jahorina hillside during the ride is magnificent.

Jahorina Olympic Centre General Manager, Dejan Ljevnaic, said he was happy that all those involved in the project managed to build the largest summer attraction within very tight deadlines.

“It wasn't easy to come up with and do everything from the idea, the project design to the implementation. With this new adrenaline content, the mountain didn't get only the largest summer attraction in the region but we increased the value of Jahorina and its land, the value of the hotels and vacation houses,” said Ljevnaic, adding that the investment's cost was about 1.8 million euros.

Jahorina Mountain, which once hosted the Winter Olympic Games, is visited by tourists from all parts of the world and the new attraction is expected to increase the number of visits in summers.

“There's a plan to construct a huge adrenaline park with serious adrenaline attraction next summer,” said the first man of the Olympic Centre.