Croatia: 13 under investigation for smuggling migrants from Bosnia

NEWS 28.08.2019 10:10
Source: N1

Following a criminal complaint filed by the police, the USKOK anti-corruption office has indicted 11 Croatian and two Kosovo citizens for smuggling foreigners and making at least HRK 700,000 in the process.

Investigators suspect they joined forces in December 2018 in Primorje-Gorski Kotar, Istria and Brod-Posavina counties.

USKOK says on its website the first person in the indictment organised with as yet unknown persons the transfer of at least 96 foreigners across the Bosnian border into Croatia for at least EUR 1,000 per person. The foreigners were then driven to the Slovenian border and the suspects earned at least EUR 700,000 in the process.

USKOK says it has proposed to the Rijeka County Court to set detention for ten indictees.