Brazilian journalist: No place for ego in saving the Amazon

Source: N1

The Amazon, on which the whole world depends. There have been more than 74,000 fires so far this year, intensifying in August.

Many might not understand and many might want you to know otherwise. 

Everyone on the planet benefits from the health of the Amazon. As its trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, the Amazon plays a huge role in pulling planet-warming greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. Without it, climate change speeds up. 

“The Amazon was buying you some time that it is not going to buy anymore” – Brazilian officials told international media, says article published on The Verge. 

San Paolo based journalist and editor in chief at Record TV, Camila Moraes, told N1's Ika Ferrer Gotić that there has been some progress in localizing the Amazon fires, but it is yet too slow. Moraes finds “ego battel” between the Brazilian and French presidents only worsens the situation on the ground. 

 French President Emmanuel Macron took to Twitter to call for action, pushing for emergency international talks on the Amazon at the G7 summit.

On August 26th, the world’s seven largest economies offered Brazil more than $22 million in aid to help it get the fires under control. Bolsonaro promptly turned down the money, accusing Macron on Twitter of treating Brazil like a colony. Some in Brazil, including Bolsonaro, see the international aid as an attack on Brazil’s sovereignty, and its right to decide how to manage the land within its borders. 

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