Bosnia won't extradite former Dinamo FC boss Zdravko Mamic to Croatia


The State Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has decided that former Dinamo football club head Zdravko Mamic cannot be extradited to Croatia, where he is wanted for fraud worth millions, his attorney Zdravko Rajic said on Friday.

“I have been informed by the court. The final decision is that there are no conditions to extradite Mr Mamic to Croatia,” he told Hina.

Asked if there was still a mechanism for Croatia to request Mamic's extradition, he said the case was closed with the latest court decision. “There is no legal option regarding this indictment.”

Rajic said the BiH Justice Ministry would notify the Croatian Justice Ministry accordingly.

This outcome was expected after a hearing last month when both the defence and the prosecution said Mamic could not be handed over to Croatia since he holds BiH citizenship and the crimes he is convicted of were committed prior to 28 November 2012, when Croatia and BiH signed an extradition agreement.

Mamic left Croatia for BiH in June 2018 a day before an Osijek court sentenced him pending appeal to six and a half years in jail for embezzlement and siphoning money from Dinamo and for tax evasion.