Republika Srpska entity's debt in 2018 amounts to 5.1 billion marks

Source: Pixabay (ilustracija)

Bosnian-Serb-dominated Republika Srpska (RS) entity's debt in 2018 amounted to 5 billion and 178 million marks (some € 2.6 billion), entity government said on Thursday.

The entity's foreign debt amounted to some 3.3 billion marks (approx. € 1.6 billion), of which the RS owes 2.1 billion marks, its local communities owe 115 million marks and the public enterprises and the RS Investment-Development Bank owe some 1.1 billion marks.

The RS internal debt was some 1.8 billion (apprx. €900 million) of which 298 million relates to the debt of its cities and municipalities, and its social security funds owed 178.8 million marks in 2018.

The entity paid some 854 million marks (approx €430 million) in 2018 on the account of servicing its direct and indirect debt.

The RS has the largest liabilities towards the World Bank (WB IDA, WB IBRD) in the amount of 1,037.33 million (some €500 million), 1,007.63 million (approx. €500 million) to the European Investment Bank (EIB), and 328.58 million (approx. €150 million) to Eurobonds.