Experts start excavation at site believed to contain a mass grave

NEWS 05.09.2019 15:09
Source: N1

Acting at the order of the Bosnian State Court, experts of the Missing Persons Institute (MPI) have started the excavation at a site in the southern city of Mostar, which is believed to be a mass grave, spokesperson for the institute, Emza Fazlic, confirmed on Thursday.

According to Fazlic, the experts are searching for a mass grave that might be containing mortal remains of the Bosniak victims of the 1992-95 war.

A source close to the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina claims that witnesses of the events from 1993 say this is the site where the Bosniaks victims were buried.

“The exhumation has started and it is still uncertain if we will find anything,” said the same source.