Catholic Church on Sarajevo Pride: No support for homosexual parade

NEWS 06.09.2019 13:54
Source: Anadolija

The upcoming Pride Parade in Sarajevo is a disgrace for the city but any violence against participants would be an even greater disgrace, Bosnia's Catholic Church said on Friday regarding the event scheduled for Sunday.

“There is no justification for the ‘Parade’,” the Church said on its official website and added that “homosexual parades allegedly serve to demand the ‘rights’ of homosexuals and to equate them to human rights. But it is clear that, according to the Church teachings, the two are incomparable.”

The first Sarajevo Pride event was scheduled for Sunday, September 8, and organizers say they expect at least 500 participants in the Pride march from the Eternal Flame monument in the centre of Sarajevo to the Bosnian Parliament building.

Many foreign ambassadors confirmed their presence at the march and the most notable ones are British Ambassador Matthew Field and the US Ambassador and his partner Eric Nelson and Filippo Tattoni-Marcozzi.

In a lengthy text explaining their position regarding the Pride, the Church said they are not over-simplifying sexuality but views it as a gift of God as a whole.

Therefore, the Church calls on man's purity regarding sex and stresses that there are three forms of this virtue: the first is being married, the second is being a widow and the third is being a virgin.

“We do not praise one form by excluding anther,” the Church said but added that “anything beyond that, most broadly speaking, is an object of sin.”

Therefore, the Church said, they will never be able to support any request that would “relativise and amnesty sins.”

Consequently, the Church “cannot support the homosexual parade nor justify it,” wrote the official Catholic Church website.