Bosnia soon to get the ninth nature park on 24,000 acres

NEWS 07.09.2019 12:15
Source: Centar za promociju olimpijskih planina

An area stretching over three Bosnia's municipalities south of Sarajevo, covering the mountains Bjelasnica, Treskavica and Visoccia as well as the Rakitnica river canyon, are soon likely to get a status of the protected area and become the country's ninth nature park, according to the Press Centre for Promotion of the Olympic Mountains.

The designated area stretches over 24,000 acres and includes one of the most beautiful spots that nature lovers visit throughout the whole year. It covers the territories of the municipalities Konjic, Trnovo and Hadzici, which border Bosnia's southern region of Herzegovina.

In Konjic municipality, the nature park stretches from the mountain village Lukomir, nested in a valley at 1,450 metres altitude, over the Visocica Mount's highest peak at 1,967 metres altitude and its mountain villages and nearly to the spot where the Rakitnica river flows into the Neretva river.

The protected area covers 45 square kilometres of Hadzici municipality, including three peaks – Bjelasnica, Krvavac and Opancak.

One-fourth of the whole Trnovo municipality's territory will be included in the nature park.

Bosnia has four national parks and eight nature parks, while two areas are awaiting the response to be named the protected zones of appropriate categorisation.

Following the recent consultations of local authorities held with the support of the United Nations Environment Programme, it is quite certain that one of the two proposed areas, the Bjelasnica-Treskavica-Visocica-Rakitnica canyon will be named Bosnia's next nature park.