Man arrested for a false bomb threat on the day of Sarajevo pride parade

NEWS 09.09.2019 11:06
Source: N1

Sarajevo police arrested a man on Sunday for a false bomb threat, reported just minutes before the participants of the first Bosnian pride march started the walk. The bomb was reported to be planted at the Eternal Flame memorial, the starting point of the parade.

According to the police, the man of initials K.K. called the police at 11:25 a.m. and said that he heard from unidentified persons about a bomb being planted at the memorial.

The police determined after a swift investigation it was a false bomb threat and arrested the man possessing the phone number from which the report came.

The man was sent to the Sarajevo Canton Prosecutor's Office for further processing.

Strong police forces secured the first Bosnian Pride March on Sunday and no incident was reported on the day of the event.