Politician: Problem with ANP created in 2009

NEWS 09.09.2019 18:57
Source: PIXSELL/Boris Scitar/Vecernji list

The problem with Bosnia's Annual National Programme (ANP) was created in 2009 when Bosnia asked for the approval of its Membership Action Plan (MAP) for NATO, at a time when the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) performed all functions on behalf of Bosnia's Serb-dominated part of Republika Srpska (RS), former Bosnia's Presidency member and member of the RS opposition party Party of Democratic Progress (PDP) Mladen Ivanic said.

“There is a request to approve the current plan, which has been approved but conditionally put on hold. I think there is some kind of international obligation, and it's a consequence of short-term thinking. We knew even then that NATO had bombed these areas and that Serbia was militarily neutral, but Dodik (the SNSD leader and current Presidency member) was in love with the West at the time. He is no longer in love and he is trying to get rid of it today. He should accept the annual plan on the condition that membership can be achieved only when all the countries of the region become NATO members,” Ivanic told N1.

The ANP is a precondition for the activation of Bosnia's Membership Action Plan (MAP) for NATO after the Alliance approved its activation for the country. But, even though Bosnia adopted a number of laws and regulations saying it will fulfil all the preconditions for the MAP, Bosnian Serbs stand against it.

When it comes to Bosnia’s NATO membership, its three largest ethnic groups stand divided on the issue. Bosnian Croats and Bosniaks support the country’s accession, while Bosnian Serbs are strictly against it, saying they will follow Serbia’s lead on this.

The Serb-dominated Republika Srpska (RS) entity's National Assembly even adopted a Declaration stipulating the entity will remain militarily neutral and that they will not join any military alliance.

When asked whether Milorad Dodik had promised the Russians that he would not support the adoption of the ANP, Ivanic said he does not know that, but added that it is probable that Russian officials expect Dodik, who frequently visits Moscow and speaks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, to deliver on their expectation.