Bosnian archaeologists discover Roman era mosaics

NEWS 10.09.2019 11:44
Source: Fena

Bosnian archaeologists have discovered pieces of mosaic from the 3rd century which are believed to belong to the Roman era.

The mosaic was discovered by a group of experts working on archaeological site ‘Roman municipium’ in the eastern village of Skelani.

“There used to be an administrative centre here, and the excavated room was very luxurious so we believe it was used for various receptions. This administrative centre served for public affairs. This confirms the importance of the ‘Roman municipium’ from the first to the fourth century,” said archaeologist Ivana Grujic, adding that this is a unique site in the country.

Bois Radic, curator of the ‘Roman municipalium’ Museum stressed the importance of the new findings, which unveiled new details about something that used to serve as an urban villa.

The mosaic was found as a result of the research that started in 2008 when a Roman settlement was discovered in this area.

Source : Fena