Bosnian miners end huger strike in pits

NEWS 11.09.2019 16:25
Source: N1

Zenica coal miners ended the hunger strike started on Tuesday evening, after the Zenica Coal Mine general manager Nevzet Vrskovic and electric company Elektroprivreda BiH director Bajazit Jasarevic agreed to unfreeze the mine's accounts.

Elektroprivreda director said the company would pay a certain amount on account of the mine's debt to the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity Taxation Authority and the due salaries and contributions to the miners.

This would cover some of the mine's liabilities to workers.

After hearing the news a number of miners were happy to leave the mine while some were still sceptical, saying they will believe it when they see the funds on their accounts.

The FBiH miners’ union announced Tuesday they start a general strike on September 13th after a failed meeting between their representatives, tax authorities and the FBiH Minister of Mining, Energy and Industry as some 500 miners protested in front of the FBiH Government building on Tuesday.

However, some 200 miners began a hunger strike two days earlier and ceased all work in Zenica and Breza pits, demanding the authorities fulfil their demands.

The remaining miners said they would not leave the pits until the funds are paid to their accounts.