'Bosnia has strong arguments against Trgovska Gora as nuclear waste dumpsite'

Source: Srna

Bosnian delegation will offer strong arguments at the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) conference in Vienna against the Croatian plan to dispose of nuclear waste at border location of Trgovska Gora, Foreign Minister Igor Crnadak said Monday after meeting the Mayor of Novi Grad, Miroslav Drljaca, a town at the border between the two countries.

“We have strong arguments backed by many competent State and Republika Srpska and Federation entity institutions and I expect all this to have a positive outcome for us,” Crnadak said, adding that the fight against the decision to make Trgovska Gora the final location for the Croatian nuclear waste continues.

In March 2019, Bosnia asked Croatia to reconsider its proposal to use the location Trgovska Gora near the border with Bosnia and the Bosnian town of Novi Grad as its dumpsite for nuclear waste, but Croatia failed to find a different location, saying that they never made a final decision regarding Trgovska Gora.

The Foreign Minister told the reporters in Novi Grad that he has no new information of a joint meeting between Bosnia and Croatia on this matter which would happen before the IAEA conference.

“We used up all the opportunities earlier – from joint sessions between the Croatian and Bosnian governments, to bilateral meetings where we noted that this problem is one of our most important issues,” Crnadak said.

Mayor Drljaca pointed out that Bosnia should use all available mechanisms if Croatia does not back down from its intention, and that State institutions should initiate court precedings or an international arbitration case to resolve this issue.

Last week, Crnadak said he would make his case at the annual conference of the IAEA which will take place in Vienna, Austria, from Monday to Friday.