Three victims' remains exhumed at two different locations

NEWS 23.09.2019 17:57
Source: Institut za nesale osobe

Mortal remains of at least two victims of the 1992-95 war were found on Monday during the exhumation near the northern town of Prijedor, news agencies reported.

The remains are believed to belong to the Bosniak victims from Rizvanovici village area.

The exhumation will resume on Tuesday and the excavation process will be attended by the pathologist and anthropologists of the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP).

The process is carried out under the supervision of Bosnia's State Prosecutor's Office and is overseen by Bosnia's Missing Persons Institute as well as the Civil Protection Administration and the Republika Srpska entity Ministry of Interior officers, who are securing the exhumation site.

The excavations is expected to last for several days and will be followed by DNA test of the victims’ remains, to determine their identity.

Bosnia's Missing Persons Institute also reported the exhumation of one victim's remains in the eastern town of Vlasenica. According to the Institute, the remains most likely belong to a Bosniak victim who was killed in 1992.