Presidency Chairman addresses UN: Bosnia reliable partner to UN, EU and NATO

NEWS 24.09.2019 22:08
Source: Screenshot

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a reliable, serious and resolute partner to the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU) and NATO, Presidency Chairman Zeljko Komsic said addressing the 74th session of the UN General Assembly which gathered the world leaders to discuss the top issues in the world.

By accepting the UN's Agenda 2030, Bosnia obliged to launch a process of systematic monitoring and control of this global-level programme, which encompasses social, economic and ecological dimensions of development, said Komsic in a 25-minute-long speech.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina advocates the stance that a successful implementation of ‘Agenda 2030’ requires an agreement on foreseeable, coherent and sufficient financing for achievement of developmental goals,” he said.

Speaking of the ongoing situation in the country, the Presidency Chairman emphasised that the Euro-Atlantic integration is in focus of all political developments in Bosnia.

“Activities regarding the Euro-Atlantic integration in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the harmonisation of Bosnian social-political system with the European Union's Acquis are in the focus of political developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as the country is committed to continuing the activities towards stabilisation and acceleration of the started reform processes,” said Komsic.

He recalled that the European Commission precisely defined in its opinion on Bosnia's membership application the necessary reforms the country needs to implement, which includes annulment of systematic discrimination of citizens.

Bosnia is also actively contributing to regional efforts towards the strengthening of security in the region, said Komsic.

“I assure you, we are particularly resolute in strengthening Europe's security space, we are strongly committed to combat the organised crime, fight terrorism and violent extremism, illegal migrations,” he said.

The Presidency Chairman also said that the country's relations with neighbours are among top priorities of Bosnia's foreign policy and that those relations are generally good.

“…but because of the particular policies of our neighbours, we are frequently witnessing their activities aimed at achieving their political interests in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which brings unrests and produces certain destabilisation in my country, which is not good nor it contributes to the development of desired good mutual neighbourly relations,” said Komsic.