Mostar pays tribute to ex-French President Jacques Chirac

NEWS 26.09.2019 20:56
Source: Sanjin Fajić

Iconic Old Bridge in Mostar was lit in the colours of French flag Thursday evening, in the memory of the French statesman Jacques Chirac, who passed away today.

The organizer, former Mostar Mayor Safet Orucevic, said that France was one of the first and biggest donors in the process of the Old Bridge reconstruction, which is known today as the international symbol of peace and reconciliation.

In 1998, then French President Jacques Chirac, became a member of the Foundation to Rebuild the Old Bridge and he was rewarded in 2016 with the Mostar Peace Connection international award.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina has for centuries been the example of tolerance in diversity. It can and must be that again. That was its past. That's, I am convinced, also its future. That's the future of whole Europe,” the late French President said on that occasion.

Jacques Chirac died on Thursday at the age of 86.